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US Passport Information
Currency exchange calculator
International calling codes
International time zones
World weather forecasts and climate information
Health and Safety State Department Travel Information – travel advisories, entry requirements etc.
Foreign health requirements and dangers
International Society of Travel Medicine – travel clinic directory
TSA security requirements

Travel Products

Travel Insurance - We don’t travel without it. We’ve researched several travel insurance providers and Travelex is the company we use and recommend. Purchase through this link within 21 days of your deposit and pre-existing conditions are covered.

​MEDJETASSIST Air Medical Travel Protection - Medjet is a membership program. Unlike an insurance company or platinum card service, we have no deductibles, no claim forms and no monetary caps on air medical transport costs. And for travelers under age 75, there are no medical questions or pre-existing condition clauses. Our members don’t need to have a transfer deemed “medically necessary.” Security and crisis response services are not dependent on government issued “hard triggers.” Medjet memberships provide travelers with unrivaled control over their health and safety.